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The Book

" The A, B, C, 's on How to Establish, Own, and Operate an
Escort Referral Service "

The most complete and comprehensive escort referral service manual ever written!

One book has it all. This 108 page, 27-chapter manual is worth its weight in gold and then some. Everything you need to know about this exciting, glamorous, and lucrative, but risky business is explained in a plain, easy to understand language.

"As the 'trade secrets' of the escort service business are revealed, thoughts of financial independence will seem that much more real."

  • The difference between this and any other manual is the more than ten years of experience the author has operating a highly successful escort service business! Make no mistake, the author has spent over a decade eating, drinking, and sleeping the escort service business. Over that time, he has faced every possible situation, both bad and good. He learned how to handle every scenario in a professional, legal way.

Fact: The escort service business is nothing more or less than a promotional booking agency that gets paid by the escorts for the clients it brokers. The key to success for any escort service business is knowing how to promote itself according to what is allowed by state and federal law. Knowing what you can and cannot say as an escort service owner is critical if the escort service is to stay open for business, let alone be a success!

Fact: Even in a recession, the escort service business continues to be highly profitable. The truth of the matter is that the only thing that stops the money from rolling in is when the owner makes a mistake - and promotes something illegal. In all these years, I never once promoted, implied, or allowed any "illegal services" in my operation. As a result, my doors stayed open and my profit stayed flowing! That simple rule for success is just one of many that you will find in this incredible, life changing manual. This is a formula that has been tested and succeeding for over 10 years!

Be in Business for Yourself, but Not by Yourself.

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Promotion of your Escort Service business

Rule#1. Always promote nothing but legal services.

Rule#2. Do not let anyone trick you into saying or implying there is anything "illegal" about your escort service business. It could be an undercover cop, an escort, some jealous person, or just someone who wants to get you and your service in trouble with the law. I have spent more than ten years learning how to avoid these kinds of mistakes; and this manual will teach you how to do the same.

The Manual does all that?

This "tell all" manual will inform the potential investor on how to prevent; avoid; and eliminate most of/ all the potential risks and liabilities that co-exist with such a lucrative; glamorous; but risky business like this – before time; before you even open up your escort service; or just the same - escort referral service. The ground work for absolute success has already been done for you, the potential investor; as to make the operation of your new escort referral service so much easier; safer; henceforth: profitable.

  • Like a luxury car, this manual comes fully loaded with all the "Bells and Whistles"!

PLEASE NOTE: I refer to my escort service as an "Escort Referral Service" for various protective, contractual reasons.

Fact: No escort service is "safe" without a strong contract between the escort and the owner of the service.

The Escort Referral
Service Contract

The Escort Referral Service Contract or Agreement is the most important form of protection that the owner of the escort referral service has against any liabilities that may or may not arise out of the operation of the service. These include liabilities resulting from the actions of the escort, who is an independent contractor, or the client.

The Author's
Protective Contract

My entire escort referral service is based on and operated according to what is stated and agreed upon in the Escort Referral Service Agreement Form (included in this manual) between the Owner of the escort referral service and the Escort, henceforth referred to as the Independent Contractor. The only other party listed in the contract is the Client, henceforth referred to as the Referral Client. All three parties are separate entities; and are independent of each other in regards to the different roles they have in the operation of the escort referral service. It is duly noted that the Independent Contractor is not an employee, nor agent of the escort referral service. Both the owner of the escort referral service and the independent contractor(escort) are each responsible for reporting their own income, as well as paying their taxes that may or may not be owed to the various State, local, and Federal governments. Both are legally responsible for their own actions, both being adults of legal age, and are to carry out and perform their respective functions in a law abiding manner. Any violation is subject to the termination of the escort referral service contract between the owner of the escort referral service; and the independent contractor(escort); and by penalties of the presiding law if so warranted.